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The Wheelock Family Theatre holds a variety of special events throughout the year—celebrating key holidays, important milestones and influential people. Check back often as we add new events, including those for our current season.

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WFT Student Showcase



This showcase presents the work of two classes, the Musical Theatre Intensive and the Teen Performance Intensive. The performances are free and open to the public. For additional information please contact the WFT Box Office at 617-879-2300.


Performance on Friday August 14 at 6:30

Based on “The Ugly Duckling” fable by Hans Christian Andersen, this rollicking comic musical tells a story about one bird’s journey to overcome adversity and another’s to understand and celebrate these differences. Lessons are learned about hardship and suffering, but more importantly, about rising above a difficult situation and loving who you are. The main character, Ugly, and his loving mother, Ida, learn these lessons. Together they prove that being different doesn’t need to be a weakness, but can be the greatest of strengths.

The Musical Theatre Intensive is a class of young actors who have not yet entered high school. Students in the intensive have prepared for their performance through daily musical and technical exercises, in-depth rehearsals, and character development through song and movement.

The performance will run 1 hour and is appropriate for all ages. The showcase will be followed by the Advanced Performance Intensive at 8:00p. There will be a 20 minute break between presentations.

Teen Performance Showcase

The Teen Performance Intensive Showcase


Performance on Friday August 14 at 8:00

Working on scenes from plays by American and European playwrights, each student from the Teen Performance Intensive has the opportunity to craft a character learning to balance an unpredictable loss with the precious gift of life. Each chosen scene presents beautifully crafted text with realistic dialogue and poetic lyricism. Students receive intense training in voice, movement, and acting techniques. They will explore the individual moment to moment discoveries and immediate connections with others that are the fundamental core of the actors’ work.

TRAPPED: SURVIVING THROUGH DREAMS OF ESCAPE is directed by Fran Weinberg and M. Lynda Robinson and presents excerpts from the following plays:

The Book of Ruth by Deborah Lynn Frockt
A poignant tale of love and faith amidst the despair of war, two generations struggle to stave off starvation and preserve their humanity, their culture and each other. Imprisoned and trying to avoid transports, these characters find solace in sharing treasured recipes, drawing pictures, and a secret project that transports them all far from the confines of their prison.

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls by Christopher Durang
This "Dreams and Delusions" combo will take a side-by-side look at the classic Tennessee Williams play about a former Southern Belle, immersed in golden memories of the past, frustrated with her life, her family, her shy, broken daughter, and dreaming of a way to escape with Christopher Durang's tongue-in-cheek comic parody of the play. In "For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls" we meet Amanda and her hypochondriac son, Lawrence. In these dual worlds of desperation and delusion, we eagerly await the salvation of the visitor and the secret hope for escape and a transformed future.

A Separate Peace adapted for the stage by Nancy Gilsenen
Based on John Knowles' classic novel of two high school boys standing on the threshold of adulthood and World War II, "A Separate Peace" dramatizes the fears of young men in a world and a future that seems out of their control. Out on a limb, these two new friends defy the reality of the adult world, seek the truths revealed within, and dream of a "special and separate peace."

Ladies of the Tower by Tim Kelly & Ruth Perry
Two cleaning ladies in the infamous Tower of London are visited by the spirits of the women who met their death inside the dark and stony walls. Doomed by their own bitterness to walk eternally, this provocative play overlaps the past and the present in dramatic and humorous scenes. Can communication and understanding set these women free?

Suggested for adults, teens and youth 10+.

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Thank you so much, for yet another wonderful performance. And also for so much more than that. It's hard to express from a parent's perspective how much my son has grown these last few years. His life in the theatre - particularly, somehow, these two musical weeks you put on every summer - have given him strength and purpose and poise. We are so very grateful. 

- Eric

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